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Primary, Secondary & Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Gruber has devoted his entire career to both primary (first time) and secondary (second time or more) rhinoplasty. He has taught the subject to his colleagues and residents over the years. At this time he is focusing exclusively on providing consultations to patients who see a second opinion on their nose He has chosen to give the best piece of advice to those who feel they could benefit from his opinion. A computer analysis with morphing is performed. The patient is given a detail analysis of the problem and what surgical maneuvers, in his opinion, are necessary to achieve an ideal result. He is willing to discuss the proposed surgical plan with the surgeon ultimately chosen by the patient.

Getting Your Best Second Opinion

There are far too many patients following nasal surgery or rhinoplasty who have not been entirely happy with their results. They have had to under minor and in some cases major surgical correction to achieve a nasal result closer to what they were anticipating. Seeking a second opinion is a common phenomenon. That is because rhinoplasty is the most difficult operation in aesthetic plastic surgery in which to achieve an optimal result.

In addition to a large number of new primary cases, Dr. Gruber also specializes in secondary, revisionary and very complicated rhinoplasty cases.

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Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery