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Unfortunately, not every rhinoplasty procedure goes the way the patient expects. Sometimes unintended outcomes occur, and sometimes patients simply decide that their new noses do not look the way they want. After undergoing an unsuccessful procedure elsewhere, many patients come to Dr. Ronald Gruber in the San Francisco Bay Area for revision (secondary) rhinoplasty. Dr. Gruber is an acknowledged rhinoplasty expert, and in many cases he can correct an unsatisfactory procedure to achieve the result the patient originally hoped for.


Revision (Secondary)Rhinoplasty Procedure
Revision (Secondary)Rhinoplasty Recovery
Benefits of Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty

Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty Procedure

The basic secondary rhinoplasty procedure is similar to a primary rhinoplasty. Dr. Gruber will enter the nose through incisions inside the nostril, if possible, in order to avoid creating visible scars, and then carefully reshape the nose and correct the structural and aesthetic flaws left by the original procedure.

It is important to remember that revision rhinoplasty is almost always more complicated than the initial procedure. Often the  cartilage in the nose has been altered, damaged, or excessively cut away. Dr. Gruber may also have to contend with scarring, thickened skin, or a blocked airway, which makes the procedure more difficult. Still, Dr. Gruber is regarded as an authority in rhinoplasty procedures and is uniquely qualified to produce the appearance you had been hoping for.

Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty Recovery

It is absolutely crucial for Dr. Gruber’s San Francisco Bay Area secondary rhinoplasty patients to follow instructions closely after surgery. In particular, patients should not smoke while recovering from surgery, as it will hinder the healing process. Patients should also always take all medicines prescribed to them.

Some significant bruising and swelling is normal after revision rhinoplasty, though an ice pack may help bring the swelling down. Some patients feel congested after the procedure. To minimize swelling, recovering patients will need to sleep at an angle, using pillows to prop themselves up. It will be necessary to wear a protective splint on the healing nose for about a week.

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Benefits of Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty

When patients have spent their time, money, and energy on cosmetic surgery, unsatisfactory results are frustrating. Revision rhinoplasty gives many patients who are deeply discouraged by their post-surgical appearances another chance to have the noses they truly want. A differently sized and shaped nose can completely change the appearance of the entire face and dramatically improve a person’s self-image and self-confidence.

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