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Nasal Surgery for San Francisco Bay Area Patients –
Before-and-After Photos

Seeing firsthand the results of rhinoplasty enjoyed by some of our previous patients can give you a more thorough appreciation for Dr. Ronald Gruber's exceptional skills. This gallery of photos from nasal surgery patients at our San Francisco Bay Area practice shows the amazing outcomes of patients who have undergone a variety of rhinoplasty procedures. If you would like to see more before-and-after photos, please contact our rhinoplasty facility, offering quality nasal surgery to the Bay Area and visitors from San Jose, Contra Costa County, and beyond.

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These photographs represent only a fraction of the many successful results produced by our nasal surgery physician serving the San Francisco Bay Area. With procedures such as traditional rhinoplasty, secondary (revision) rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty, Ronald Gruber, M.D. can reshape your nose and provide a remedy for what may be lifelong dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose. Dr. Gruber has spent much of his career as a plastic surgeon focusing on rhinoplasty procedures and enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of nose surgery. He and his nasal surgery staff are committed to offering state-of-the-art rhinoplasty technology, including cosmetic nose job imaging that makes it possible to view the surgery’s results before you undergo the procedure. We hope these before-and-after photographs help you as you decide who would be the best nose surgeon to suit your needs.

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To set up a consultation at our nasal surgery facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, convenient to San Jose and the surrounding region, please contact Ronald Gruber, M.D. Dr. Gruber will be happy to speak with you about your rhinoplasty goals and answer your questions on nose surgery procedures. At East Bay Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, we can help you obtain the nose you've always wanted and the enhanced self-esteem you deserve.

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