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Contact our Bay Area plastic surgeon serving the East Bay, San Jose, and beyond. Dr. Ronald Gruber looks forward to helping you meet your aesthetic enhancement goals.

When people are searching for Dr. Gruber on the worldwide web, they often accidentally misspell his name. Some common misspellings of Dr. Ronald Gruber include:

Dr. Ronald Grubber
Dr. Ronald Groober
Dr. Ronald Gruver


Meet Our Bay Area Plastic Surgeon – About Dr. Ronald Gruber - Serving Oakland, San Francisco, and Surrounding Areas

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Ronald Gruber – PhotoDr. Ronald Gruber is a world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeon who is considered a leading authority in the field. Our Bay Area plastic surgeon, based in Oakland, serves San Francisco, the East Bay, San Jose, and patients from all over the world. He has spent decades helping thousands of people who have dreams of improving their appearance and increasing their self-confidence. Dr. Gruber understands that successful results are the product of years of training, skill, compassion, honesty, and the blending of two disciplines: science and artistry.

Dr. Ronald Gruber
Memberships and Certifications
Teaching Positions
Honors and Awards
Books and Editorships
Articles and Videos
Rhinoplasty Innovations

Dr. Ronald Gruber

Committed to providing beautiful results and the best care available, our board-certified Bay Area plastic surgeon has been helping people reach their aesthetic enhancement goals for more than 20 years. Dr. Ronald Gruber is a visionary cosmetic surgeon who has contributed immensely to the field of rhinoplasty, authoring and co-authoring several scientific articles and textbooks that are used by many of today's plastic surgeons. He is considered a leader and pioneer in bringing nose surgery techniques into the 21st century and is known throughout the world for his successful results. Dr. Gruber's medical background stretches back to the 1960s, when he first attended medical school and began honing his extraordinary skills. He also served his country in the U.S. Army, eventually attaining the rank of Major in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Dr. Ronald Gruber, in his work as a skilled plastic surgeon, runs the East Bay Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center with patient safety, attentive and compassionate care, and successful results as his top priorities. He is committed to using his experience as a surgeon, combined with his talent for artistry, to give you the look you desire, and increase your self-esteem in the process.

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Dr. Gruber's extensive educational background in general and plastic surgery has involved training at some of the top schools in the world. These include:

University of California, Berkeley – Undergraduate Degree
University of Cincinnati School of Medicine – Graduate Degree
University of California, San Francisco – School of Medicine – Graduate Degree
Montefiore Medical Center, New York – Residency in General Surgery
University of California, San Francisco – Residency in Surgery
Stanford University – Residency in Plastic Surgery

Please contact our plastic surgeon in Oakland, serving San Jose patients and those from throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Dr. Gruber will be happy to answer any questions you have about his credentials and background.

Teaching Positions

Ronald Gruber, M.D. uses his vast skill and expertise in plastic surgery to educate new generations of doctors. Our Bay Area plastic surgeon has given numerous research presentations and has served as a faculty member or chairman for symposiums all over the world. Among his prestigious teaching assignments are:

Adj. Clinical Associate Professor – Current (2019) Stanford University
Clinical Associate Professor – Current (2019) University of California (SF)

Visiting and Traveling Professorships

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – 2000-Present
American Society of Maxillofacial Surgery – 2007

Dr. Gruber has also served as a visiting professor to more than 25 universities.

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Memberships and Certifications

Dr. Ronald Gruber is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of dozens of prestigious and respected medical organizations. Some of them include:

American Medical Association – 1974
American College of Surgeons – 1976
American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons – 1977
California Society of Plastic Surgeons – 1979
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – 1979
American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons – 1984
American Association of Plastic Surgeons – 1990 (By Invitation)
The Rhinoplasty Society – 1995 (Founding member and past president)
Northwestern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery – 2000 (Honorary Membership by Invitation)

Dr. Gruber holds permanent licenses to practice medicine in both California and New York.

Honors and Awards

Over the many years of his career, our plastic surgeon at East Bay Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center has received a large number of honors, awards, and distinctions. Here is just a sampling of the recognition Dr. Ronald Gruber has been given:

Listed in The Best Doctors in America (Naifeh and Smith) – 1996
Listed in The National Registry of Who's Who – 1998
Listed in San Francisco Magazine's “The Top Doctors in the Bay Area” – 1999
Listed in The Best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons – 1999
Listed in Who's Who in the World – 2001
Walter Scott Brown Award – (Best Video or Film) – American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – 1983
Honorary Thomas Jefferson Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Virginia –  2001
Invited Guest Speaker, ASAPS Las Vegas, Nevada – “Personal Evolution From Closed to Open Rhinoplasty” – 2002
Invited Guest Speaker, Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons, Los Angeles, CA – 2003
Best Scientific Presentation – Cal Society of Plastic Surgeons, Sacramento, CA – 2003 and 2004
Tiffany Award (Best Scientific Presentation), American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Vancouver, Canada – 2004
Master’s Series Lecturer – American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – 2005 and 2006

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Books and Editorships

Our Bay Area plastic surgeon serving San Jose and the surrounding region has written a number of articles for scientific journals and publications, continuously improving the field of rhinoplasty through his expertise. Among his achievements are book publications and journal editorships, including:

Rhinoplasty: State of the Art by R.P. Gruber and G. Peck – 1993
“Rhinoplasty of the Nasal Tip”: Operative Techniques in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery – 2000

Dr. Gruber has also contributed chapters to a variety of textbooks. He serves as an editorial consultant for Aesthetic Surgery Journal and the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Articles and Videos

Dr. Gruber's expertise in the field of rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgery procedures has been widely sought by major medical publications and peers alike. Dr. Gruber has published more than 100 scientific articles and produced 17 video demonstrations of surgery for his colleagues.

Rhinoplasty Innovations

Dr. Ronald Gruber has paved the way for new techniques in rhinoplasty by creating or helping to create a number of state-of-the-art nose surgery tools for plastic surgeons. Dr. Gruber's designs make it possible for surgeons to perform nose reshaping with more accuracy and speed in order to achieve the most successful nasal surgery results possible. Plastic surgeons from all over the world incorporate Dr. Gruber's instruments in their rhinoplasty procedures.

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Contact Our Plastic Surgeon Serving San Jose and the East Bay

Through a commitment to hard work, education, meticulous training, and helping others, our Bay Area plastic surgeon based in Oakland, serving San Francisco, the East Bay, San Jose, and the surrounding region has earned a stellar reputation among his peers and patients alike. Please contact the rhinoplasty office of Dr. Ronald Gruber at East Bay Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Gruber offers an array of plastic surgery procedures at his facility. Please visit our sister website at for more information.

When people are searching for Dr. Gruber on the worldwide web, they often accidentally misspell his name. Some common misspellings of Dr. Ronald Gruber include: Dr. Ronald Grubber, Dr. Ronald Groober, Dr. Ronald Gruver.

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